Early rides.

I didn’t expect that riding her would mean learning to ride again myself. It’s been a humbling experience. In trying to ask her to move forward, suddenly my leg was swinging, my hands were bouncing, and I was unaware of each until I saw the videos. Ugh! It tells me that whatever I could do on “made” horses, I don’t have the skills and strength down to use them on any horse, including a green horse, and that’s where I want to be.

But Bizzy listens and moves. She wants to do what we ask, and you can always see that in her expression. In the early months, because Lauren was pregnant I was the only one who rode her. After February of that year, her training rides with Lauren began.

Here we are in our first foray out of the safe circle at one end of the ring.



First ride.

We started with pony rides. You can tell from the expression on my face that it was a joy and a surprise to get on her back. She was so skinny and so wiggly, and it was just a thing to be up there. I think we only walked that day, with a very light contact as you can see. She had no muscles! Soon, when we would ask for a trot, she would do a little leap into it, and sometimes a crow hop.