Lunging with a crossrail.

As soon as Lauren showed Bizzy the crossrail, she incorporated it into the routine of lunging on a circle. It’s all just incremental, step-by-step like that. First, you learn to walk/trot/canter on a circle, and then you have get yourself over a little crossrail. I think before this point she had already been given some flat poles to walk and trot over.

What we discovered here, and what we’ve seen ever since, is that Bizzy likes to learn new things.  She doesn’t shy away, or run out, or balk in any way. When you’re there with her, you can see that she’s thinking, and each time she tries again it’s with a new effort. It’s been a pleasure to see her take an interest in learning and perfecting whatever we introduce.

In this case, watch how she goes over for the very first time (not bad!), and then the second, the third, the fourth. She learns to pick her feet up, and she starts to figure out when to leave the ground.


And in this next, short video, she’s thrilled because she’s really got it down, so she’s approaching with excitement and confidence. And you’ll see she attempts an actual little jump!